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Buying Wigs Online: 4 Things to Know Before You Buy Wigs Online

wei baoDec 31, '20

You want a nice wig, and you’re thinking about buying it online. So, you open Google. You put in the search term “where to buy good wigs online,” and you get an endless list of suggestions. Now, you need to know what to do to eliminate suggestions until you can...

Tips & Tricks About How to Install A Lace Frontal Wig! Most Natural Install

Roaylme HiDec 18, '20

One of the things we hate the most about a wig install is seeing that it’s a wig. We want persons to think, wow, you’re actually wearing a wig! So, one of the best types of wig to achieve this look is a lace frontal wig. And to achieve that...

T Part Wig: Everything You Need to Know

Roaylme HiDec 4, '20

The T part wig is one of the newest wig styles on the market. Not to be confused with a U part wig, the T part is in a class of its own and starting to be loved by many of us ladies who enjoy having a good wig. So,...